Masako Matsushita | Vibes#3


Piazza del Popolo


Sep 11 2022






A dialogue between bodies, architectures and urban vibrations

choreography Masako Matsushita Musics: Mugen Yahiro
digital creation Xavier Boissarie e Tomek Jarolim
co-production Operaestate Festival/CSC, Orbe Paris, ICK Dans Amsterdam, HOLONIC SYSTEMS, C-DaRe Centre for Dance Research Coventry University, Nanou Associazione Culturale
with the support of Creative Europe
duration 40 minutes

VIBES is a choreographic and audio collective performance. It allows participants to meet and share a moment of dancing, a bit like a Flash Mob, in a given place – a park for example – or in different cities or countries at the same time.
Equipped with headphones and by using a dedicated APP for mobile phones, the participants improvise together their dance through the audio-guidance of a choreographer. The application also allows them to co-create the soundscape of the experience according to their movements, interactions and trajectories in space.

VIBES#3 is an exploratory journey to reconnect body & mind through the awakening of the senses and attention to the others.
Participants are individually guided through distinct body and sound states generating a collective experience in the urban space.

“The journey we invite you to explore will bring you to re-connect mind and body, creating awareness and expand the senses through the support of an external input and to perceive the environment and the people in your close surrounding. This choreography and sound exploration focuses on activating a perceptive body through the given urban space, from intimacy and individuality to common pathways and collective belonging. We will play with sounds, movements, vibrations, materials present in the surrounding space.”