1th SEPTEMBER – preview
in collaboration with Ra-dici35

6 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2024

Festival Ammutinamenti 2024 | Controtempo
Festival Ammutinamenti 2024 | Controtempo

Each year the festival programme is made up of performances created by emerging authors and well-known artists from the contemporary dance scene and hosts initiatives addressed to the local community including movement education workshops to experience dance practices and discover expressive gestures.
Ammutinamenti Festival not only hosts site-specific performances in the urban local venues and events that help the audience to discover in a new way daily experienced spaces, but also hosts some activities of Network Anticorpi XL, a national network devoted to the promotion of young dance such as Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore, featuring the creations of authors at the beginning of their careers or Nuove Traiettorie, a training course where a group of young authors coming from all over Italy fully experience the days of the Festival and the city of Ravenna.