Sara Capanna, Barbara Carulli, Michele Scappa

Sara Capanna, Barbara Carulli, Michele Scappa

Sara Capanna, Barbara Carulli and Michele Scappa meet in different professional contexts and from 2021 they decide to develop a co-authorial creative project, to deepen the research on corporeality undertaken in 2019 by Sara and Michele with Crepe | studies on the fragility of matter.
Sara, Barbara and Michele in 2021 are winners of the scholarship proposed by Anghiari Dance Hub. During this journey, Tracce | Looking for a place to die was born: a sprout in which remains the centrality of the interaction between body, light and music, fueled by the meeting of gazes and visions, like the one of Joaquín Nahuel Cornejo and Paolo Pollo Rodighiero, who respectively sign music and lights of the work.

is a performer, teacher and author with a degree in Performing Arts and Communication at the University of Pisa. She trained at Art Factory International, professional training in contemporary dance in Bologna, with L’Attore Dissennato – sugli insegnamenti della follia by Animali Celesti teatro d’arte civile in Pisa and continues to follow seminars and workshops with Elena Giannotti, Max Barachini, Julyen Hamilton and others.
Since 2019 she has been working with Animali Celesti as an actress and teacher and she creates pratica di presenza per corpi-in-vita in Pisa. In the same year as a dancer she takes part in the creation of Paola Bianchi’s Ekphrasis and gives life to her first work as an author together with Michele Scappa Crepe | studies on the fragility of matter, with which they participate in festivals such as Racconti di Altre Danze, Fuori Formato, Altre Visioni and finalists of Residanza and Twain_direzioniAltre awards. From 2020 she collaborates as a dancer with Company Blu and as an actress and trainer at the Teatro Stalla della comunità psichiatrica in Verdello. Since 2021 she has been a performer of the Context project by Alessandro Carboni, teacher for the theater yards for teenagers with Geometria delle Nuvole in Cecina and author of Tracce | Looking for a place to die together with Barbara Carulli and Michele Scappa, winner of Theodor Rawyler 2022 Award and co-produced by Company Blu and Anghiari Dance Hub.
Sara is a young artist interested in a transdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach in which the body becomes an instrument for a necessary action of opening towards the community. Since 2019 she has also been part of research groups ranging between the different arts and disciplines: Generation Europe, project of dialogue between the arts and the issues of active citizenship, Rosario on body music and La Bionda Cumbiera.

Barbara is a dancer and author trained at the Opus Ballet school in Florence. Over the years she has had the opportunity to get to know the reality of dance in Florence and Tuscany, deepening her training by coming into contact with Cristina Rizzo, Virgilio Sieni, Massimiliano Barachini, Roberto Castello, Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini.
Since 2016 she has been collaborating as an interpreter with Versiliadanza cultural association.
She is a dancer in Lady Body and EGON, introspettiva da Klimt a Schiele by Leonardo Diana, A Leisurely Collapsing of the Thing into its Possibilities by Paul Anthony Dennis, W Maria! A Women Symphony by Samuele Cardini. Since 2019 she has been working with the choreographer Paola Bianchi, dancing in Ekphrasis and in Other OtherNess. Since 2022 she has been a dancer in My Body Trio by Stefania Tansini.
In 2021 she embarked on her path as an author. Tracce | Looking for a place to die, winner of Theodor Rawyler 2022 Award and co-produced by Company Blu and Anghiari Dance Hub is her first work, created together with Sara Capanna and Michele Scappa. She is a choreographer and interpreter in Circadiano Domestico, a project conceived by Paolo Pollo Rodighiero.
Parallel to her career as a dancer, she continues her studies focusing on the ontology of the dancing body, performance and aesthetic education. She graduated in Philosophy and Philosophical Sciences.

Michele is a dancer and young author who is approaching the world of improvisation, as well as that of physical theater and the possibility of establishing himself as a creative mind. He began his studies as a dancer at Opus Ballet Choreographic Center and then continued at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, where he obtained a Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance with Distinction.
He danced and dances for Italian companies and choreographers including Gruppo Nanou, Kinkaleri, Luna Cenere, Company Blu, Sofia Nappi and others and for international artists including Yuval Pick, Saeed Hani, Hannes Langolf, Sita Ostheimer, Lenka Vagnerova and Matthew Robinson.
He also took part in Franca Ferrari’s Incubator for Future Choreographers and he’s currently a student of Psychological Sciences and Techniques at the University of Florence.

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