Ammutinamenti Festival | XXV edizione

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This 25th edition is a collective act which turns its attention to the visionary and brave mindset that once created the Festival in order to be projected to the times ahead that we can bet on. FUTURA stems from the desire to celebrate its legacy – with all the complexity linked to the inherited projects and values – as something able to transform and change its shape to persist and germinate in a perpetual recursion. We thus retrace beloved places from downtown all the way down to the edges, restore forgotten spaces and discover new ones with small but significant steps, side by side, both as main characters and witnesses of the transforming and regenerating power of dance.
 We nurture proven bonds and weave new ones to enjoy unusual ways of imagining and acting out the relationship between space and bodies. We welcome multiple and divergent artistic visions that describe the present and suggest directions for the future. We experience other languages and formats, giving shape to a wide programme that embraces more and more audiences and generations, going through different times of day, opening up to a new temporality. Now more than ever, the Festival is a workshop where you can observe contemporary artistic production using curiosity as a filter to interpret the world and develop artistic practices with citizens in order to bridge the gap and create proximity. It is a deep and multi-layered work in progress of redefining identities and searching for a new personal way of thinking about art direction. FUTURA conveys all its past and, at the same time, shows all its possible futures.

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