Ammutinamenti Festival still manages to play out through its innate action of perpetual mutiny, proposing new languages and formats as an alternative to overcome well-known. The deep social and cultural transformation that we experience in modern times seems to be unsupported by the identification of art and live performance as essential tools for our world, and it is precisely now that we cannot – and do not want to – surrender to the thought of considering as accessory, frivolous and ephemeral a system that involves our bodies and our ability to give new form to beauty and wonder.
Ammutinamenti thus chooses for its 24th edition to pursue a constant, brave and gentle revolution that is anything but silent. The urgency to affirm dance and physicality as an engine to create new values is increasingly deafening: this is why this year the Festival wants to invite bodies – all bodies – to unite, mingle and join in a dance that makes noise, to generate new unexpected rules that overturn identified, standardized, consolidated and silently accepted social models and representations.
Between performances in the city’s urban spaces, shows in theatrical venues, and physical practices open to everybody, we shaped a planning of activities that will help artists and citizens to establish new types of relationship with the world, affirming a new consciousness of living the artistic experience.

So all we have to do is taking a deep breath and “dancing out loud” in the air of September.

Download here the program 2022