Simone Arganini, D. Fabris, A. Piana

Simone Arganini

Simone Arganini trained in dance with Manfredi Perego, in acting with Elisa Cuppini and Savino Paparella. He worked with Daniele Albanese, Teatro delle Briciole, MP.Ideograms and is now a stable member of CollettivO CineticO.
He studied electronic music (BA at Conservatory of Parma with maximum vote of 110 cum laude and special mention, and MA at Conservatory of Vicenza with 110), sound design (annual Sound Design course for Linear Media and Videogames at Ecipar Bologna) and interaction technology (specialization course on technology and performance “Declinazioni” by Studio Azzurro and Ariella Vidach).
He is a dancer and author of performances, besides working as sound designer, composer and developer of devices for theatrical performances.

Daniele Fabris studied at the Conservatory of Music in Vicenza (IT) and in the Institute of Sonology of The Hague (NL). He collaborated with STEIM in Amsterdam (NL) and works with several collectives such as Outerfields and Hide Productions.
He is a sonic designer dealing with live electronics performances, coding of digital tools for electronic musicians, sound design for studio productions, combining creative and technical expertise to create immersive audio experiences and to research digital musical interactions. Lately his works investigate themes and digital techniques related to audio spatialisation, sound synthesis, creative processes, musical instruments design and human-computer interaction – intersecting collaborations in the creative process with multidisciplinary artists. He considers himself a maker and explorer, researching and designing alternative scenarios – acting as a creative thinker with a goal to trigger awareness about creative processes, digital technology and perceptions – putting his skills at disposal of a community.

Amerigo Piana after attending a classical curriculum in high school, he attended the electronic music BA at Conservatory of Vicenza. He is a designer and developer of multimedial interactive installations, with a focus on multichannel audio, audio synthesis software and generative video.
Since 2013 he has been working at clubs, events, fairs, show-rooms, museums and expositions, enacting innovative experiences in the context of space-augmentation, product delivery and user interaction.
Under the alias Akufene he has released several albums and created collateral artistic projects. 

In the picture: Simone Arganini
ph. Roberta Segata