Bassani-Piazzi | SPEEED


Darsena di città


Sep 16 2022






concept Parini Secondo x Bienoise
choreography Parini Secondo, freely inspired by online contents
with Sissj Bassani, Camilla Neri, Martina Piazzi, Francesca Pizzagalli
music Alberto Ricca | Bienoise
organisation Edoardo Sansonne/MIGMA Collective
duration 13 minutes
with the support of Mastronauta Omegna (VCO), Comune di Verbania, Fondazione Comunitaria VCO
Special thanks to Andrea Ruschetti, Riccardo Brezza (Comune di Verbania), Scoppiati Racing Team (Verbania), Centro Commerciale Le Isole (Gravellona Toce, VB), Giostra Esagerata F.lli Uga


SPEEED is a choreographic and musical project created by Parini Secondo and Alberto Ricca/Bienoise, inspired by Para Para and Eurobeat phenomenon, which spread in the 90s in Tokyo clubs. Para Para is a dance style characterised by colorful aesthetics and hyper-dynamic gestures; its peculiarity is the arm movements, which describe the caffeinic over-excitement of Eurobeat music through complex gestural combinations inspired by Japanese animation.
Originally, fans learned the routines by purchasing VHS tutorials or directly in clubs, where experts would teach the new choreographies to the audience before a party; nowadays, digital archiving has made them available online, where Parini’s research already resides. The method developed by the collective consists in the construction of a database of choreographies taken from video-tutorials, studied by each dancer following a common schedule: SPEEED takes shape by adapting these choreographic sequences of the time to the original music written by Alberto Ricca/Bienoise.
SPEEED is a work of camouflage because it faithfully copies its source of inspiration: the dancers on stage stimulate you to act, a 160 bpm slap throws you into a centrifuge of pure and genuine enthusiasm where tuning cars play very loud Eurobeat music.

ph. Davide Vergnano