Fabritia D'Intino e Federico Scettri | Wannabe


Teatro Rasi
via di Roma 39


Sep 17 2022




full price ticket 10 € - reduced price ticket 7€ (for the whole evening)


concept Fabritia D’Intino and Federico Scettri
dance and choreography Fabritia D’Intino
live music Federico Scettri
executive production Chiasma
with the support of Indisciplinarte, SpazioK.Kinkaleri, CALA Festival, Young Jazz Festival, Spazio ZUT!, Déjà Donnè
duration 30 minutes
Winning project of InGenerazione by Fabbrica Europa 
Winning project of TU35Expanded by Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci


Wannabe is the first collaboration between the choreographer Fabritia D’Intino and the musician Federico Scettri.
The meeting between the two artists prompted a reflection about the relationship between dance and music in contemporary culture.
The source of references has focused on pop culture in tv shows, video clips and disco clubs.
A system of repetitions and simplicity that seduces us, attracts us and influences us and in which the female body exists mainly in a hyper-sexualized version. Being exposed to these artificial models we are pushed towards the reproduction and exaltation of an virtuosity almost pornographic.
The artistic choice is to welcome this thrust in trying obsessively to be something else. Western pop culture becomes the contemplative basis of the body in motion and of the performativity of gender through a physical journey of recognition and liberation from some of the codes that belong to us.
Wannabe is the trigger to go beyond our limits.
A celebration of the mainstream that feeds us and moves us, despite us.

ph Emanuele Bencivenga