Nunzia Picciallo | W am I


Teatro Rasi
via di Roma 39


Sep 16 2022




full price ticket 10 € - reduced price ticket 7€ (for the whole evening)

W am I

author and performer Nunzia Picciallo
music Clark, FJAAK, Nunzia Picciallo
supported by Associazione Culturale Ri.E.S.Co.
artistic residency BigFactory – Bari International Gender Festival
duration 35 minutes


On the road, I want to be myself
At home, I want to be myself
In life, I want to be myself,
In performance, I must be myself

W am I is a performance, an object, a safe space, a body, a soul, a human being, a hybrid and inclusive experience to affirm a non-stereotyped identity.
The 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) function as an anchor to the creative process. The performer will respond to these questions with interdisciplinary practices related to the use of the body. Though movement, repetition, and physical exhaution, the author and performer seeks a physicality that is genderless to reveal an identity that alters the idea of the social construct of gender.
*With the hope of helping to remove stereotypes of gender, love and identity.

ph. Isabella Stechel Marceddu