Urutau | CollettivO CineticO


Artificerie Almagià
via dell'Almagià 2


Sep 08 2023 - Sep 09 2023




ticket 5€

URUTAU extinction party

concept, direction, training Francesca Pennini
dramaturg, dj set Angelo Pedroni
sound care and technical assistance Simone Arganini
organization, curation Matilde Buzzoni, Carmine Parise
on stage Human beings participating in the public call
Operaestate co-production
in collaboration with Centrale Fies | Art Work Space
with the support of MIC and the Emilia-Romagna Region
duration from 25 to 60 minutes

The Urutau (Nittibio in Italian) is a South American bird with philosophical genetics familiar to the Manifesto Cannibale by CollettivO CineticO: it is nocturnal, it’s still all day in improbable postures, it camouflages itself resembling trees, it sees with its eyes closed. To crown its twinning it is even called “the ghost bird”. This performance is dedicated to him: a hybrid between a sacrificial rite and a frozen rave party. They are artists, people, living beings who train in telepathy: everything is still, but this generates a story by subtraction, an intimate and trembling narrative. It’s a marathon without kilometres, an ascetic metamorphosis that dedicates its silent heroism to apnea fans.

Urutau is a participatory ritual performance open to all. Francesca Pennini, choreographer of CollettivO CineticO, will hold a preparatory workshop on the afternoon of the event, open exclusively to those who participate.

Follow the evolution of this research on: www.manifestocannibale.it


ph. Roberta Segata