ROSSO | Danilo Smedile


Banchina Darsena di citta


Sep 14 2023






Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore

Freely inspired by Rosso Malpelo, by Giovanni Verga
by and with Danilo Smedile
music John Cage, Zoltán Kocsis, Amadinda Percussion Group
contribution to the creation Federica Iurato
production Vento di Scirocco
coproduction Art Garage
with the support of InCastro Festival, Art Container
duration 20 minutes

Emergence from the masses as a distinctive feature, a sign of value and the need to mark one’s uniqueness. Emerging is an act of survival, an escape from the sense of inadequacy, from the risk of marginalization. A body torn between the need to feel part of something and the need to estrange itself.
It’s the destiny of Malpelo: to look to a better world against the inexorability of the present, to return to feel the weight of reality. The strength, the work, the effort to make space through the red sand, matter that accumulates and hinders us. The act of digging is a process of redemption or an attempt at shelter. Malpelo incorporates the colors of discrimination and the attitude of feeling included.
Rosso, so authentic and at the same time dystopian, incorporates the colours of discrimination and the attitude of feeling included. The colour is a metaphor for a conflict, a hand-to-hand struggle between the fear of feeling judged and the desire to express oneself without fear. Rosso is an internal struggle, continuous, strong and consistent.


ph. Mauro Carbonaro