Valeria Nappi e Marianna Moccia | Room 22


Piazza Unità d'Italia


Sep 10 2022





Room 22

choreographer and performer Marianna Moccia, Valeria Nappi
assistant Maria Anzivino
dramaturgy Martina Di Matteo
music Villa-Lobos – Nine inch nails – Luz Casal
video and photo Michel Liguori
production FUNA
supported by ArtGarage, Movimento danza
duration 20 minutes
winner of Danza Urbana Xl 2022 – Network Anticorpi XL


“Only what floats – what shoes itself- only what is said can exists. Whatever stays in the shadow – immerged in silence, looses the opportunity to exists, deteriorates, collapses, becomes turbid and toxic and finally dies.”
M.Blanchot, The Space of Literature

Room 22 is a project born from the forced cohabitation between the two performers and dancers Marianna Moccia and Valeria Nappi during the 2020 first Covid Lockdown. In the pièce the stool represents a limited space in which we explore the concept of comunication between individuals during time of social distance. The two performers try to draw and show off an intimate space – a room in the world – that enables them to keep their balance and connection between them even though they are physically separated. Every attempt of comunication between the bodies is a way of building a new harmony but the space limit makes this attempt impossibile to accomplish. Every movement that originates appears empty and deconstructed. It’s only when contact between the two bodies is established again that the space regains its depth. Finally the two performers cross the boundries of solitude, reuniting and can dance together symbolizing the most primordial form of language and universal comunication.

“We touch each other. How? With wings that beat. With every distance we touch each other”
R.M. Rilke