Arganini-Fabris-Piana | Oscilla


Teatro Rasi
via di Roma 39


Sep 15 2022




full price ticket 10 € - reduced price ticket 7€ (for the whole evening)

Oscilla – connections in space | primo studio

choreography and movement, sensors programming Simone Arganini
music and live electronics Daniele Fabris
lighting and Vjing Amerigo Piana
duration 25 minutes


This collaborative project is created by three artists who share a common background of music technology academic studies.

In Oscilla, the research on technology started out for fun, but soon evolved to a tool of exploration around possible relations and interactions. Eventually, it is used as a means of integration between a dance performance, an electronic music live set and a Vjing one in which lights and video are manipulated.
The performer wears movement sensors on his body, and data is passed out to softwares specifically programmed and run in real time. Thanks to this system a complex relation between the performer and machine is enacted, an interactive dialogue in which movement, spatialized sound, stage lightning and 3D video are bound together and evolve in relation to one another.
These elements are combined in making the environment an augmented space which obeys unknown rules: here stands the performer, who inhabits the scene and his own body and tries to unveil their mystery.
In Oscilla research on technology becomes a chance to investigate the quality of relationships: that of human with himself and that of human and non-human.