Di Nardo-Tirado | Ordinary people


Teatro Rasi
via di Roma 39


Sep 15 2022




full price ticket 10 € - reduced price ticket 7€ (for the whole evening)

Ordinary people

created and performed by Marco di Nardo & Juan Tirado
artistic production by Frantics Dance Company
music Andrea Buttafuoco & various Artists
supported by Orsolina28, Studio Pro Arte Freiburg and Sinedomo Dance, Vicenza
duration 28 minutes

I try to pay attention; it comes from within. I have to stay focused. I want to create, destroy, defend myself, react.
The inner voices are in the back of my head and haunt my existence. They drag me into a pit of chaos. Yes, well, I give up, I just want to float and let things manifest.
Oh wait, I’m not the only one in the room.
Two independent stories involving the need for our attention, recreating the chaos that this condition assumes for the people experiencing it. Constantly using our body language and musicality to create images that transform over time and impact the scene.