Infieri | Pierandrea Rosato


Artificerie Almagià
via dell'Almagià 2


Sep 16 2023




full price ticket 10 € - reduced price ticket 7€ (for the whole evening)


Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore

concept, coreografia e danza Pierandrea Rosato
musica Nina Simone
Pierandrea Rosato
produzione Sosta Palmizi
durata 10 minuti

Infieri is a solo created by the author in his final year of Bachelor’s degree in modern dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany, in the year 2019 for the evening Junge Choreograph*innen.
The key principle of the piece is silence: it is to be understood as the listening port by movement to the contingent moment: dance is produced only in necessity, in empty space.
The choreographic element is the only real subject of the performance: through it the dancer dialogues with himself and the space, the negative one created by his body in relation to himself, the simple empty room and what is in between. Rather, the rhythm is marked simply by the dance, often gestural, which turns out to be akin to a conversation, at times excited, as if it were a search for an answer. The differentiation of qualities of movement, gives the solo a strength intuitable as assertiveness. Infieri is probably a search for an awareness, a release from something that chases us, surely the ever-present need to go on, to react, to decide, that allows for the ingress of the music. A journey towards oneself to come out of oneself, in a time seemingly in stasis, but flowing.
The dancer reproposes this piece a few years later, having re-imagined, revisited and relived it through his present condition, to shed light on what turned out to be transformed once reapproached and why this happened, and what instead remained the same.


ph. Christian Clarke