Garage Sale al Festival Ammutinamenti 2022


Darsena di città


Sep 09 2022 - Sep 10 2022



Garage Sale

Garage Sale, a project by Norma Association, is an ethical market with a European taste promoting responsible consumption. Each event has been so far a creative workshop to be discovered since 2014, among vintage clothing, second hand and independent productions with a story to tell, in a perspective of green shopping with a low environmental impact.
‘Reuse Before Recycle’ is the slogan, recalling a new style of conscious consumption, which is a strong trend nowadays. Starting with an old vintage item as the greatest artistic and musical movements have always done, we draw from the past to find new inspirations for today, breaking out of the standardisation of mass distribution in order to reinvent clothes and accessories to support our own personal style.
Garage Sale not only communicates a message of respect for the environment by spreading the policy of reuse among the new generations as an alternative and sustainable way, but also conveys a new way of bringing people together, through a rich format that includes dj-sets, live music, a food truck area, a relax area equipped with furniture made from recycled materials, educational workshops, animated readings for children, artistic installations and photographic exhibitions.