Nicholas Baffoni | FITTING


Fondazione Sabe per l'arte
Via Giovanni Pascoli 31, Ravenna


Sep 17 2022




FREE EVENT - reservation required


♦ shows at 4pm and 6pm

choreography Nicholas Baffoni
performers Nicholas Baffoni, Camilla Perugini
dramaturgy assistance Marco Lattuchelli
music Handel
support Ass. Culturale Hunt CDC
duration 18 minutes


Don’t judge a man if you haven’t walked three moons in his shoes.
(The Sioux Proverb)

Fitting tells of relationships, a complex and dynamic, cryptic and enigmatic system that too often remains hidden. Fitting lives in concrete meetings, impalpable past, symbiotic cohabitations; it becomes a dialogue between the performers that is prepared, structured, formalized, pitted, shattered under the eyes of the viewer in site-specific.
A work with natural language is constantly nourished and renewed through people, gestures, sounds, events of the place where the ac7on is born and develops. Notes of stories literally pass through the shoes worn. A repetitive go that can lead, however, to a precise path. Wearing shoes means, therefore, crossing one’s own feelings and those of the other. Shoes, in their form, function and aesthetics, speak to us of the world, of the movements, of the intentions, of the migrations, of the journey. A game of empathy, which moves spatially in precise points of the scene and whose ending is not clearly known.
Maybe because in relationships the contours of the word “end” are never clear?