Cuma | Michele Ifigenia Colturi


Artificerie Almagià
via dell'Almagià 2


Sep 15 2023




tickets from 7€ to 10€


Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore

concept  Michele Ifigenia/Tyche
choreography Michele Ifigenia Colturi
dancer Federica D’Aversa
dramaturg Riccardo Vanetta, Ciro Ciancio
music Tarek Bouguerra
filmmaker Lorenzo Basili
production Aiep Ariella Vidach e Anghiari Dance Hub
with the participation of Tabatha Vicari
duration 15 minutes

Cuma is a choreographic solo revolving around the figure of the sibyl, in which the various elements that belong to the archetype of the prophetess are deconstructed and pieced together to bring into existence a final message. The sibyl, in spite of herself, chants an ending hymn, a gestural song that evolves into a cry. All her prophecies come through the possession of the god. Such is the nature of the divine message that the sybil’s own body is torn apart by the prophecy itself.


ph. Alessandra Stanghini