Caronte | Camilla Montesi


Artificerie Almagià
via dell'Almagià 2


Sep 15 2023




full price ticket 10 € - reduced price ticket 7€ (for the whole evening)


Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore

choreography and dance Camilla Montesi
music Michele Uccheddu
light designer Alessia Cimarelli
coproductionSantarcangelo Festival
sustained by Scenario Pubblico_Compagnia Zappalà Danza
duration 23 minutes

The devils are the men who look and their pitchfork the gaze.
(Jean-Paul Sartre)

Charon is inspired by the mythological figure and attempts to encapsulate a name, a journey, a desire. The ‘enlightened ferocity’, an apparently destructive force, strips itself of its demonic aspect to assume the silent one of the guardian, a tool to access the
overcoming of a border. Deconstructing the imagery of hell as an otherworldly place,
Charon is a narrative bridge of an invisible crossing in which the performer’s body is invested: abandoned to the flow of the dangerous waters of his mind.
What happens to our body when the mind resists? What happens when we cannot
escape the gaze of the other?
Enclosed in the destination of the journey, the desire to bring to the surface a fragility.


ph. Pietro Bucciarelli