Rosa-Focaraccio | all you need is


Artificerie Almagià
via dell'Almagià 2


Sep 16 2022




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all you need is

concept and choreography Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio
performance Emanuele Rosa, Maria Focaraccio, Armando Rossi
music David Gold & Gordon Rees, John Surman, Bee Gees
costumes Emanuele Rosa and Maria Focaraccio
duration 22 minutes
Awards and accomplishments: selected creation at Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore eXtra 2022 – Network Anticorpi XL and finalist creation at Premio Twain_direzioniAltre

Make a party for three! A triangle is your intention. Yes, I could try it and see! Geometry is no new invention.
Renato Zero

After HOW TO _ just another Bolèro, the two authors continued to explore the theme of adaptation and coexistence focusing on the concept of binarism and the matter of gender. Starting from traditional figures of some couple dances like tango, waltzer and salsa, all you need is aims to explore and question the logic of the binary opposition that dominates our system of thought, our culture and our society through the intervention of a third element “in the relation”. On the notes of a famous composition by John Surman, the work develops a three-way dance made up of continuous interlockings and physical interconnection as a metaphor for a different constellation of relationship.
What is needed in order to coexist in a relationship between more than two elements? How is it possible to find and maintain the balance and rhythm between everyone? At what cost?