ALEX | Roberta Maimone


Biblioteca Classense


Sep 15 2023




Vetrina della giovane danza d’autore

♦ shows at 5 pm and 6 pm

choreography Roberta Maimone
music Clara Cozzolino
performer Alice De Maio, Roberta Maimone
assistant Lela Di Costanzo
costumes Roberta Maimone with handmade works by Alice De Maio, Giacomo Raffo
sustained by ICK di Amsterdam, Compagnia Arearea
residenza artistica in Korzo Theater de L’Aia
sustained also by municipal funds of Amsterdam AFK
duration 13 minutes

ALEX is a psychological process, a moment of reflection, a confrontation with oneself and in relationship to others. When you meet someone new, it is natural to humans to mirror each other so you get confronted by aspects of yourself you hadn’t noticed yet. You feel the need to stop, look, listen, understand them, play, accept, get in touch with them. The characters narrate this concept in a humorous key. With an animated look, the desire is to make it a pleasant experience and to indulge in a smile.


ph. Rona Lane